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❶He and his little brother, Cody, live with Uncle Hoyt and keep well away from everyone else. It would take somebody pretty cold to jump off a roof something Cody actually does knowing that any damage you take will be felt by your brother.

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The citations in this article lack sufficient bibliographical information e. Specific concerns can be found on the talk page. Referencing for beginners with citation templates for guidance about writing citations. Retrieved February 6, Archived from the original on November 19, Retrieved November 19, The New York Times.

Retrieved 19 November Bruiser is an excellent, excellent book. I believe this book could be used as an extremely useful discussion tool with teenagers. Of all the characters, I think Brewster had the most to learn about how to better take care of himself, and there are glimpses of him doing it, but I wanted to see more. At the end I wondered if there was possibly a sequel.

As of now there is not, and the book works well as a stand alone, but it left me wanting a tiny bit more. About Attack of the Books! Index of Reviews Contact Attack of the Books! Attack of the Books! Attack of the Books. Bruiser , bullying , Neal Shusterman , supernatural fiction , young adult fiction. Utah Book Month Bruiser is about a teenage boy who is so standoffish at his school that his fellow students voted him most likely to receive the death penalty.

However, when Bronte and Brewster begin to date, Bronte begins to bring Brewster out of his shell, placing him in the impossible position of having to reveal to her a special gift that he possesses. This places his life in danger when he cares about another person.

Bronte and her twin brother, Tennyson, try to help Brewster, but instead allow themselves to become addicted to Brewster's special gift. Bruiser is a novel about the pain of living and the ways in which everyone learns to deal with it and the addictions that only delay reality.

Tennyson is not happy when he learns that his sister has begun dating Brewster Rawlins, an outsider at their school. Brewster is also known as the Bruiser because of his immense size and his anti-social behavior. Tennyson warns Brewster away from his sister, but Bronte refuses to allow her brother to dictate who she can and cannot date. Bronte continues to see Brewster, slowly getting to know a boy who has always been there, but has always lived on the outside.

One afternoon while on a picnic with Brewster, Bronte sprains her ankle. However, when Brewster touches her, the pain instantly vanishes. A few days later, Tennyson points out that Brewster is now limping. Not long after that, Bronte sees scars and bruises on Brewster's body and demands to know if his uncle is abusing him, but Brewster denies it. Bronte believes him, only to see the truth on his body a short time later. Bronte wants to call the police, but Brewster tells her that he and his little brother would be separated if she did.

Hence, Bronte allows Brewster and Tennyson to come up with an excuse for Brewster's bruises to hide the truth.

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Why I picked up this book: Bruiser is written by Neal Shusterman. Neal Shusterman wrote Unwind. Neal Shusterman wrote Unwind. No further motivation was needed.4/5.

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Award-winning author Neal Shusterman has crafted a chilling and unforgettable novel about the power of unconditional friendship, the complex gear work of a family, .

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As a junior high librarian and big Neil Shusterman fan, I ordered missing books for our collection by Mr. Shusterman and discovered Bruiser. Once again, the author has developed an original idea that might sound totally implausible, but upon execution is completely riveting/5(). Sixteen-year-old Tennyson fumes when he learns his twin sister, Bronte, is dating Bruiser, the guy voted Most Likely to Go to Jail, but Bronte insists Bruiser is misunderstood. Tennyson is eventually won over and befriends Bruiser, and that”s when the twins notice something odd.

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Review | Bruiser by Neal Shusterman · by Brittany · Brewster, better known by his peers as ‘Bruiser,’ has always been an outcast and recluse. Bruiser by Neal Shusterman however, deserves that rating completely and utterly. A while ago, I read Everlost and Unwind by Neal Shusterman. They are both considered children fantasy (and pretty much earning that title) so I was happy when I heard about Neal Shusterman's Young Adult debut. I like it when I can actually grow up with an author/5().