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Essay/Term paper: Domestic violence

Essay, term paper, research paper: Domestic Abuse

❶These outcomes may interact to deter and reduce domestic violence in the community, even if a treatment program does not alter the behavior of a particular batterer. A third approach would be studies to discern the protective factors inside and outside families that enable some children who are exposed to violence to not only survive but also to develop coping mechanisms that serve them well later in life.

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Emotional abuse involves humiliating, threatening, and manipulating, while financial violence can express itself in a partner limiting the economic freedoms of their counterparts. The victims of domestic abuse should not expect improvements: Smith, Melinda, and Jeanne Segal. Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships.

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References Smith, Melinda, and Jeanne Segal. Companies refrain from hiring convicts. The organization has to provide a safe working environment for staff; thus, it will make it impossible to hire a convicted felon. Furthermore, the Texas registry could prove its usefulness only if it is connected with other state registries.

HB 21 will not necessarily achieve its intended outcome of increasing victim safety and offender accountability. Since the majority of victims would be women, leaving an abusive relationship can be dangerous. A woman may be a scapegoat as a result of a partner appearing on the registry; thus, leaving could escalate the violence.

Women may feel too frightened, confused, or embarrassed to leave, and children may not understand why their mother wants to leave. Furthermore, when HB 21 is made available online, a woman could face fear tactics and intimidation by phone, email, or social networking sites. Also, a child could lose his or her parents through incarceration. Furthermore, children become fearful of their parent under the assumption that they are violent, so they might fear that the violence will turn towards them.

Parents- women or men could lose custody or visitation of their children as a result of being on the list. Finally, for those who will be on the list, it is publicly humiliating for them to serve their time and remain on a domestic violence registry for the rest of their lives. The community loses the structure of the family unit; families are separated, with fathers or mothers incarcerated; therefore, there is a potential for taxpayers to offset the cost of incarceration.

In other word, taxpayers will end up paying for some of the incarceration costs because the overall family structure of the community will be jeopardized. Likewise, children are displaced from the family structure, where they learn the process of socialization. The family is the primary agent of socialization, and children learn how social rules, norms, skills, motives, attitudes, and behaviors are shaped appropriately for society. Parents are often the role model that a child will see; they teach their children how to emerge into the community.

Why the problem is Worthy of Attention House Bill 21 is worthy of attention because of the possible consequences of creating an online domestic violence database, which could pose a frightening threat to victims and even those men and women whose names will appear on the registry.

There is a potential for false allegations claims against a man or woman: For example, men who agreed to defer adjudications due to allegation of violence claim in previous years did so without knowing that their decision not to fight their case would place them on a domestic violence offender registry for life. Women whose mothers were beaten by their fathers are twice as likely to experience violence as women whose mothers were not beaten by their fathers: However, even though alcohol is important, it is not the only factor accounting for the high prevalence of violence against women, as 30 percent of even women whose husbands do not drink have experienced spousal violence.

In New Delhi, India, a brilliant doctor tries to commit suicide after her husband slaps her for contradicting him in front of his friends. In Santiago, Chile, neighbors respond to distress calls from a woman battered by herhusband for refusing to let him watch aparticular TV program in front of the children.

In Cairo, Egypt, the wife of a highly placed bureaucrat finally speaks up after enduring years of physical and mental abuse for being unable to bear a child.

The incidents were documented in a series of studies carried out by the Washington-based International Center for Research on Women in collaboration with independent Indian researchers. The cross-cultural study looked at the problem of domestic abuse in India, Egypt, Chile and the Philippines and found that violence against women was prevalent across regions, communities and classes. In fact, this correlation points to the imperative need for an attitudinal change among men and society in general.

The very nomenclature of the Act indicates that it is not restricted to violence perpetuated against women by her husband or in-laws. It includes under its protective umbrella every women living in a domestic relationship as a member of family with the person indulging in violence Kaur Kuljit Thus the law protects women who are victims of violence occurring within family or in domestic relationship.

Moreover the Act has been designed to create certain civil rights, some declaratory e. But the law essentially falls under the criminal jurisprudence not merely because it is enforced by magistrate under CPC but also and mainly because the consequences of breach of certain orders passed by criminal court for affording to the aggrieved women the due protection of law has been made a new penal offence.

It not only develops the personality and rationality of individuals, but qualifies them to fulfill certain economic, political and cultural functions and thereby improves their socio-economic status. One of the direct expectations from educational development in a society is the reduction in the inequality among individuals and that is why Education was included as the basic right of every human being in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When they ask questions, it causes conflicts, which, in turn, leads to violence.

In many Indian states, working women are asked to hand over their paycheck to the husband and have no control over their finances. So, if they stop doing so or start asserting their right, there is bound to be friction. Women who do this—even by asking for household money or stepping out of the house without their permission—are seen as punishable. This process leads men to believe their notion of masculinity and manhood is reflected to the degree to which they control their wives.

It is this conditioning, she said, that makes them think they have to control their wives, especially if they are reasoned disobedient.

Thirty-two percent of men with zero years of education and 42 percent men with one-to-five years of education reported sexual violence. Among men with six-to years of education—as well as those with high-school education and higher—this figure increased to 57 percent. A similar pattern was seen when the problem was analyzed according to income and socioeconomic standing. Those at the lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder—migrant labor, cobblers, carpenters, and barbers—showed a sexual violence rate of 35 percent.

The rate almost doubled to 61 percent among the highest income groups. Equally distressing is the finding that two of every five women in an abusive relationship in India stay quiet about their suffering because of shame and family honor. The studies have also shown, nearly one-third of the Indian women experiencing abuse had thought about running away, but most said they feared leaving their young children and had no place to go.

Activists felt that for intervention strategies to succeed, attitudes about violence would have to change and the level of awareness, among both men and women, about the negative impact of violence had to be raised.

Women are considered not only as fairer sex but also as weaker sex. They always have to depend on men folk in their family and outside, throughout their life.

They are treated as secondary in the family and their role is reduced to mere carriers of order of men in the family. But the traditional set up is now changing in the modern era. And the women are now adays getting more and more educated. Sometimes they even outperform their male counterparts.

They are now shoulder to shoulder with men in almost all walks of life. Consequently quality of their life is improving. A woman who lives or has lived with a person under one roof on the strength of a relationship or adoption and has suffered at his or her hands can file a case.

Therefore this creates a problem on how we can understand and explain this. This study draws on a qualitative desk study with a compilation of material from existing research on sexual violence against women, both at home and in public spaces. The results show that some of the underlying factors for increased reports of sexual violence against women in India, like patriarchy, education and employment for women and gendered power inequalities are in a complex interplay.

Of the 14, cases filed under the Domestic Violence Act, a central law, since , the courts have failed to settle even one. However, applicants have withdrawn 1, cases after mediation. Conclusion India is often described to be a country with a fast growing economy and progressive indicators of human development.

However, over the last decade there has been a growing concern of increased reporting of sexual violence in India which seems to negate the first statement. We talk of gender inequality and rape culture, we seldom talk about from where it all flows into the society. An essential origin of all this is domestic violence. Nobody talks about it, but we all know it happens. It continues to exist, concealed from plain sight because we think it is not a common occurrence.

When children see domestic violence as an everyday occurrence, they perceive it to be something normal and natural, and values like these are imbibed by them. In a society that treats issues of the welfare of women too casually, some stringent measures are necessary to keep in check the unscrupulous and unbridled male of the species. But this needed to be brought about not by adding to the statute book with-ill-advised measures but through proper enforcement of the existing legal framework.

Violence against women is the fastest-growing crime in India. The collaborative effort of these bodies has started yielding results also. Many public, private and governmental agencies are seen making huge efforts to control it.

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Domestic Violence. Argumentive Essay Domestic Violence Christopher “Chris” Brown and Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty are the nation’s most talked about couple in the media and tabloids. As everyone knows, recently Chris Brown has been allegedly accused of domestic violence against his former girlfriend Rihanna. Rihanna suffered multiple .

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Conclusion Domestic violence is one of the most horrendous kinds of abuse suffered women in our society today. The statistics show that 85 percent of domestic violence victims are female. The statistics show that 85 percent of 90%(21).

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The problems of child maltreatment, domestic violence, and elder abuse have generated hundreds of separate interventions in social service, health, and law enforcement settings. This array of interventions has been driven by the urgency of the different types of family violence, client needs, and. Essay Domestic Violence Introduction Domestic Violence Against Women is a global issue reaching across national boundaries as well as socio-economic, cultural, racial and class distinctions. It is a problem without frontiers.

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Oct 12,  · 3/1/13 Domestic Violence Persuasive Essay Final Draft “Every year, in the United States there are over 3 million incidents of reported domestic violence. Every year, 4, victims of domestic violence are killed.” (Domestic Violence: Disturbing Facts about Domestic Violence). Essay: Domestic violence When violence occurs in a relationship, the relationship becomes less powerful, incapable of providing support and a nurturing environment, as it becomes a vehicle for personal destruction and despair.