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❶Excellent written skills, including ability to construct executive level presentations and present complex analytical findings in clear, concise, and decision-impacting manner.

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Job Description Student assists in an office environment and duties may include, but are not limited to: Start Date September 17, End Date May 3, Contact Name Lauren Denis. Job Description Job Purpose: To assist Health Initiatives with administrative tasks and offer customer service support to students, faculty, and staff who utilize our resources. The ideal Student Assistant would be a self-starter, have a positive attitude, a willingness to think creatively, be customer service-oriented, and have an interest in health and well-being and related topics.

This position also requires dependability and confidentiality. Location Health Initiatives Joseph B. Work Study Non Work-Study. End Date May 4, Contact Name Johanna Kaiser. Job Description - Basic office support including filing, data entry - Greeting visitors and providing front desk coverage - Event space set-up some heavy lifting required on occasion. Please e-mail resume to Johanna Kaiser at johanna.

Work Study Yes; Only work-study students. Start Date September 27, End Date January 3, Contact Name Eulalia J Dupree. Assist with visitor and employee related tasks, such as listening to inquiries, assisting visitors with on boarding documents, handling internal appointment assignments, vendor traffic, and various duties as needed. Position Title Student Assistant.

Contact Name Olabisi Abikoye. MBDA is seeking a Student Assistant to support its efforts to meet its mission, goals, and objectives. Currently pursuing a degree in business administration, marketing, communication or similar concentration.

This position will assist with administrative, marketing, communication, research, and client projects for the MBDA centers. Candidate will assist with entering and updating contacts in the database system; reviewing and updating social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter; assisting with logistics for workshops, training, and client meetings; data compilation and market research; and assisting staff on client projects as appropriate.

To apply e-mail resume to Olabisi Abikoye at olabisi. Work Study Preferred but not required. Start Date September 4, Contact Name Cahara Murray. Contact Email cmurray62 gatech. Job Description Part-time student worker to assist with videotaping and editing lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. Familiarity with camcorders, microphones, Mac computers and video editing software preferred but not required. Occasional light lifting of equipment up to 40 lbs.

Business casual attire preferred when recording most public events. Filming several times per week, advanced notice is usually given. Position Title Customer Service. Start Date September 5, End Date September 18, Contact Name Richard South. Position Title Data Scientist. End Date December 14, Contact Name Henry Jennings. Responsible for translating student, faculty, and staff data into clear, usable, actionable information that supports the designing and execution of Institute strategies.

This position will interact on a regular basis with: Institute leadership, management and staff. This position typically will advise and counsel: This position will supervise: Duties may include but are not limited to: Design, develop and test predictive models to identify outcomes for data driven decision making.

Provide data summaries, trends, and patterns by using Tableau data visualization tools and reporting tools. Research projects and prepare reports that address business value effectiveness using sound research methodology and techniques. Perform other duties as assigned. Specialized skills required for this job: This job requires desire to use statistical tools, data visualization software, forecasting methods, and data mining algorithms.

Some experience in statistical analysis and data modeling techniques including forecasting techniques, time series and trend analysis, regression, analysis of variance.

Ability to work with large data sets, develop sophisticated models and algorithms combining disparate data sets. Tableau experience a plus. Intermediate to advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office i. Excellent written skills, including ability to construct executive level presentations and present complex analytical findings in clear, concise, and decision-impacting manner.

May require sample writings Experience creating PowerPoint presentations, including importing data and spreadsheets, graphics. May require sample writings Must demonstrate superior customer service and critical thinking skills. Must be self-directed and motivated. Ability to work in fast paced environment, multi-task and continuously prioritize workload. Ability to learn highly complex systems quickly, paying close attention to detail while maintaining excellent organization and follow up skills.

Excellent verbal communication skills, including ability to confidently communicate with staff and management at all levels in the organization. Provide analytical support to the team by structuring problems, extracting and analyzing data, and presenting findings at meetings. Ability to work independently. Location Rich Computing Building. End Date May 2, Contact Name Jenni Jarrett. We are seeking exceptional students who are interested in making a contribution to this effort.

This opportunity provides students with the chance to develop experience in an enterprise software implementation project. Student candidates can apply to work in one of the following key areas: Students can be studying in any discipline at Georgia Tech and should be available to work no less than 10 hours per week.

Please email your resume to Jenni Jarrett at jenni. Location Marietta Street. Positions Available At least Start Date August 27, End Date December 13, Contact Name Anthony Jenkins. Contact Email itcareers scheller. Provide unit level support in responding to the computing needs of the Scheller College of Business. The position typically addresses issues of basic to moderate complexity.

Most routine assignments general instructions will be provided while more specific directions will be provided on new and more difficult assignments. To apply for this position please send your resume, cover letter, and class schedule to itcareers scheller.

Be sure to include the job title Student Technician in the subject line. Location Scheller College of Business Midtown. Position Title Financial Education Facilitator. End Date April 1, Contact Name Jocelyn F Resnick. This position will work with the Health Initiatives, Health Education team to enhance the financial well-being of Georgia Tech students.

The individual will utilize pre-developed material to organize and facilitate two Foundations of Finance classes per semester. The ideal student assistant would be a self-starter, have a positive attitude, a willingness to think creatively, and strong interest in financial education.

Must be available Mondays 4: Start Date August 20, Excellent hands-on experience in the planning and coordination of critical accounting and financial records for one of the largest life insurance companies in the U.

Acquired outstanding experience in virtually all facets of corporate accounting, analysis and financial reporting. Accountants - EX 2. Highest Federal Grade Held: Current Federal Position Type Held: Types of Federal Positions Held: Career Conditional and Permanent. Outstanding specialist distinguished for accounting policy development; fixed asset reporting; cost accounting; financial statement compilation; general ledger analysis; and various other aspects of the industry.

Highly accomplished in multiple financial systems and the ability to build and maintain relationships. Nebraska Avenue Complex Rm. Melissa Range, Salary: Numerous responsibilities display accomplished skill and talent in the finance industry. Demonstrated strong leadership skills while acting in place of the Associate Director. Evidence of strong knowledge of the finance field is visible in the role of Financial Reporting, General Ledger Oversight, and Internal Control.

Skills as an outstanding professional are manifest in the understanding of Financial Systems and a wide range of additional professional services. Displayed initiative and strong financial knowledge by identifying abnormal balance issues and developing interim procedures for maintenance. Developed and implemented valuable strategies, procedures, and processes to improve department services. Showed financial knowledge and leadership abilities by building a consensus on policy and procedural changes that led to a performance award and the IRS becoming the first agency to obtain an unqualified opinion with SAP in its first year of operation.

Patricia Halseth, Salary: Displayed financial knowledge and experience by authoring the capitalization policy memo to change capitalization thresholds for all classes of fixed assets.

This led to being in alignment with departmental standards. Lee Gross, Salary: Displayed leadership abilities as the supervisor of detailees and substitute Team Leader.

Benefitted the department by improving data accuracy and cutting processing time by 50 percent. This improvement saved the IRS 32 hours annually.

Excellent leadership skills and financial knowledge were evident while tasked with Audit Coordination; Report Coordination and Writing; Financial Statement Reporting; and other essential financial duties.

Other Family Members Working for the U. Leonard Perry Musical Theatre: Evan Horowitz Stage Combat: Asa Hamilton, LAc, Dipl. Licensed and board certified acupuncturist with nearly 20 years of clinical practice. After beginning career in nursing, became fascinated by natural approaches to medicine and returned to school to pursue a career in acupuncture.

Graduated from an accredited Oriental Medicine program and have made an ongoing commitment to pursuing further knowledge and training in the field of Oriental Medicine to benefit patients and practice. Fully licensed and in good standing to practice in the state of Florida. Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine.

Associate of Science Degree in Nursing. Highlighted Continuing Education Coursework. Acupuncture License License Number: Diplomate of Oriental Medicine Dipl. Acute Care Nurses - EX. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner with 20 years of total experience working in acute and critical care.

Intimately familiar with emergency care and able to perform under urgent and high-stress conditions. An excellent team player who has received glowing reviews from past employers and colleagues.

Possess all valid credentials to immediately begin contributing to a hospital or urgent care facility. Nursing Familiar with major equipment found in emergency care units, including monitors, ventilators, and patient record systems, receiving continual training on new models and devices. Interpersonal Skills Extensive experience working in team environments, and collaborating with emergency physicians, triage staff, and additional hospital departments.

Excellent bedside manner with patients and families. Professionalism Attentive to detail, with an excellent record for accurately documenting patient charts and treatment plans. Intimately familiar with HIPAA policies and have strictly complied with patient privacy guidelines throughout career. Accustomed to the high-stress environment of an emergency room, and experienced in remaining calm and composed when interacting with patients and colleagues.

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Acute Care Registered Nurse. Attend blood drives in the local area to collect blood from donors. Also help with setup of equipment, delegation of tasks to nurse volunteers, and raising awareness of hospital and emergency medical care.

Temporarily left nursing in to stay at home and raise twin sons. In , enrolled in graduate school to pursue Nurse Practitioner credentials. Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Adapted Physical Education Spe. Passionate about working with physically and mentally disabled students, and helping them achieve competencies with physical tasks. Highly knowledgeable of best practices for adapted physical education, creating individualized education plans, and the ethical and professional standards of working with disabled students.

Established adapted physical education program at the newly constructed Hartwell Elementary School. In the first two years, all students in the program have stayed on track with their IEP's. While working at Mason Elementary School, spearheaded an effort called "Physical Education for Everyone" to raise awareness in the community of adapted physical education programs. In , worked in a class specifically designed for high-need physically disabled students, and helped students successfully reach their goals.

Have coached a youth Special Olympics team since , building further experience in working with mental and cognitively disabled children. Adapted Physical Education Instructor. Brand new school constructed in Tasked with building the school's adapted physical education program to serve 14 physically and mentally disabled students. Program has performed above the standards set forth by the county, and all students have remained on track with their individualized education plans.

Worked with two additional instructors to create activities and programs for students. Class sizes ranged from 8 to 20 students. Also initiated a program called "Physical Education for Everyone" to promote awareness of adapted physical education among students and the community.

Created physical education IEP's, hosted classes, and updated reports in school's records system. Worked with parents and other special education teachers to understand students' needs and provide specialized activities to keep them engaged.


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Also help with setup of equipment, delegation of tasks to nurse volunteers, and raising awareness of hospital and emergency medical care. – Stay-at-Home Mother Temporarily left nursing in to stay at home and raise twin sons. Welcome to the Center for Career Discovery and Development, or ‘C2D2.’ As the central hub at Georgia Tech for career education and resources, we help students from all majors not only get work but learn how work works.