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When it comes to being in a war women in the United States have seemingly always had jobs to do; however, there was only a specific amount of things that women were able to do to contribute. Women were restricted to duties that resembled those of a housewife. Women also worked in the hospitals as nurses to care for the wounded soldiers, Florence Nightingale being one of the first. Although these duties were and are still important and necessary women were restricted to these jobs and only these jobs.

Women were not allowed to participate in any combat, or combat like activity; reasoning for this however is somewhat unknown. Yes, it is believed that women had household duties, such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children and these things are necessary but this is just an example of stereotypes in a male dominant society, the men work while the women stay at home.

During the Civil War, Red Cross founder Clara Barton began to question these stereotypes and why they were there to begin with. Barton lived during the time of the civil war and held multiple viewpoints in women involvement. In fact, the men denied women from many rights such as testifying in court, owning property, starting or owning businesses, or even signing as a witness on legal documents.

Women had their entire lives restricted and men would try to justify it with reasons that would not exist if men did not make them that way. In the next major act followed when Congress repealed the combat exclusion law, which prohibited women from engaging in combat. Findings resulted in the question of whether or not service requirements were in place to prevent women from obtaining positions that were open to them and if women were getting equal opportunities as men to work in their specialties.

Women were being denied certain jobs that were open to them because they did not score high enough on their aptitude tests because of the lack of exposure to certain areas. This lack of exposure was due to the fact that men did not allow women to be exposed to the certain fields similar to the fact that men did not allow women to vote or have a say in the government causing them to not be allowed to participate in combat. Over the progression of time, there have been more changes made with women integration in the military however there are still restrictions today that bind them to certain duties.

Women are not allowed to fight in the front line in combat, women are just now allowed to be deployed on Trident submarines but are still not able to be deployed on fast attack submarines. Although some of these restrictions have legitimate justifications it still is not right that there is no equality within the Armed Forces work field. For instance, one of the reasons why women are not allowed to deploy on fast attack submarines is that it could in fact cause a breech in national security.

For example, although it is against the rules to have sex during deployment these humans are trapped in such a small space that when walking through the submarine, if two people are walking towards each other it would be impossible for them to pass each other without touching.

These people are in such tight areas for six months or more and regardless of rules it is human nature to have sex. If the women were to get pregnant, after a few months the submarine would be forced to surface to send her home providing opportunity for the submarines location to be given away causing for either the mission to be postponed so that she can safely be let off or potentially causing a disruption in national security. Whereas, on an aircraft carrier the woman could simply be flown off the ship with little to no chance of disrupting national security, which simply is not possible with a fast attack submarine.

Although not necessarily fair to women, breeches in national security are not something America is wiling to risk, with good reason. With that said just because the reason is justified as to why women are not allowed on fast attack submarines does not mean that something else can not be changed elsewhere to make job opportunities equal for men and women in the armed forces. There should be an equal amount of job opportunities for men and women. Although the military is growing more and more equal over time, the inequality does still exist, justifiable or not.

This brings about the question why are the things that can be changed not being changed faster? One answer could be money. It is not an unknown fact that the United States is in an excessive amount of debt and we simply do not have the money to pay for certain things that would allow for more equality, such as something as simple as separate bathrooms on every vessel. Equality within the military is not as high a priority as other money costing necessities.

There is also still the anti-feminist opinion that women are too hormonal or are not as strong as men and are not capable of doing tasks that men do and even though this statement is invalid it is still an argument the United States military branches have to fight.

As time continues we can only hope to find that the military will move women integration at a faster pace and find alternatives to the necessary inequality that exists today. Widespread hybrid threats force military defenses to continue to prepare for hostile engagements. Hybrid threats change the idea of traditional warfare and challenges peace and security of countries around the world. The National Atlantic Treaty Organization defines hybrid threats as an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of existing adverse circumstances and actions, which include terrorism, migration, piracy, corruption, and ethnic conflict.

Most originations outsource the functions they initially conduct themselves. S military is one of the government institutions that have embraced the outsourcing practice. This could affect the countries in two different ways. It could strengthen the country, or it could weaken it. The question is, which of the two is a….

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Army is the oldest, most established branch of the military. The Army has a lot more to offer now than it did Two Hundred and Thirty eight…. Military technology is defined as the collection of vehicles, equipment, structures, and communications that are used for warfare. Warfare has always pushed back technologies boundaries, from the first tanks to stealth bombers like the B2.

Most countries use military technology to gain…. I am writing this essay as a plan of action because I managed to miss a scheduled appointment. Missing a scheduled appointment may seem like a rather minute infraction but if you think about it and trace it back far enough it has a negative impact on all parties involved it effects the army as….

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A student should teach the illitrate people villagers how to be aware from earthquakes i. Planning is the determination of the course of the objectives of a business, division or department to achieve maximum profit effectiveness, the establishment of policies and the continuous seeking and finding of new ways to do things.

Implementing applies to the doing phases. After plans have been prepared, personnel must be selected and assigned their…. Ang military bases ay para sa proteksyon ng mga Amerikano. From the thousand yard stare to a well kept hair cut, military bearing is prevalent in every facet of military life, though military bearing is much deeper than just appearances; it is the cornerstone of any military career.

Military bearing encompasses every facet of life in the military and can be applied to any situation…. Military research topics papers are the serious compositions that require lengthy preparation. Students studying law and politology at higher educational institutions regularly receive tasks to prepare this types of papers.

Exists a variety of issues that can be discussed in the assignments on a military research topic. It can be either the discussion of the central topic in general or focusing on a unique aspect of the military theme. One has to bear in mind, that delivery of paper on a military topics requires deep and profound knowledge of the theme and good writing experience. A primary step performed by all writers dealing with the writing is picking of the central theme.

It defines the level of complexity of the whole preparatory process. A variety of military research paper topics impresses. It gives and room for creativity and allows authors to do experiments.

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