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Parker Marketing Research Overview

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Neil still does it. Born in Sweden to a pair of doctors, Gilboa is even-tempered, quiet, and analytical, speaking with an uninflected precision that can seem at once removed and intense. While he was a premed student at the University of California, Berkeley, Gilboa learned about HMOs, which convinced him that he might want to look for other options. The technology has been around for years. Luxottica markets its own frames too: Consumers find these frames for sale at LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, and Sunglass Hut, all of which are you guessed it Luxottica subsidiaries.

Luxottica also happens to own one of the top vision-insurance companies, Eye-Med, which, if you have coverage from Aetna or Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, is your carrier. In person, Blumenthal cuts an unusual figure. Yet he is remarkably light-footed in social settings. The son of a tax consultant and a nurse, he grew up in Greenwich Village—a savvy New York City kid with an entrepreneurial streak.

As an 8-year-old, Blumenthal persuaded his parents to order him an As-Seen-on-TV food dehydrator and attempted to start a dried-fruits stand on Mercer Street. In college at Tufts, Blumenthal double-majored in international relations and history and dreamed of becoming secretary of state. Rather than simply give away free eyeglasses, the organization supplies frames to entrepreneurs to sell to their neighbors. When Warby Parker launched, it included a buy one, give one feature through a partnership with VisionSpring.

The arrangement allows them to be more hands-on than might be possible in a typical high-growth startup, but it also means that both men must be constantly in sync, a feat that is particularly impressive given that they are, in some sense, polar opposites. Gilboa and Blumenthal say that their decision to run the company together as co—CEOs grew out of a desire to put their friendship before the business. A few weeks later I have a chance to watch this unconventional approach in action, as Blumenthal and Gilboa sit across a table from Colleen Tucker, who is in charge of retention and recruiting.

The concern, as always, is diluting the Warby brand. Blumenthal catches me making what may have been a slightly horrified expression. Four weeks and then separate? It sounded rather harsh. Twice a year, in addition to the typical semiannual performance review, all Warby Parker employees must also rate the performance of his or her manager and of several coworkers on a 1-to scale.

During the meeting, Tucker reveals that in a recent survey of employees about these peer reviews some had complained that the review questions seemed rude. Both men shake their heads. The same day, I meet Olivia Tresham, another young world-beater.

This may seem like overkill for a typical e-commerce company, but eyeglasses are a medical product, requiring a level of sophistication to sell effectively. Many retailers are, after all, optometrists—doctors, basically, who have spent years getting comfortable with concepts like high-index lenses and pupillary distance measurements. When I suggest to Joel Cutler, who sits on the Warby board, that the Puck Building call center, with its Manhattan views and highly educated staff, might well be the most expensive one in the world, he agrees.

This budding friendship with arguably the greatest living merchandiser—in the past three decades, Drexler orchestrated the rise of Gap and the resurgence of J.

Drexler tells me that he decided to invest in Warby Parker the moment he laid eyes on a makeshift shop Blumenthal and Gilboa had been operating out of their offices in Despite the fact that the store was on the fifth floor of a commercial office building, the place was packed. It was a store. It was very, very crowded. Shameless self-promotion aside, the timeline also represents a decidedly counterintuitive use of space.

And yet, the timeline makes sense as retail spending goes digital. This puts Blumenthal and Gilboa in a position that is both enviable and fraught. The only rational response is to build more stores, but how many? These questions seem increasingly pressing now that Luxottica—which had plodded along happily for the past decade with enormous profits and unquestioned market dominance—is acting with a sense of urgency.

In January, the Italian company acquired Glasses. In the weeks that followed, Luxottica unveiled a Warby-like rebranding of the retail chain Pearle Vision. Luxottica could also try to buy Warby Parker, as it has done with a slew of hot, smaller eyewear brands in the past. Blumenthal and Gilboa smile when I bring this up. The morning after the Venice store opening, I meet up with the co—CEOs for breakfast at Gjelina, a farm-to-table restaurant nearby. Pierre Giovenazzo Centre de recherche en sciences animales de Deschambault.

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Parker Marketing Research Overview

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