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Sixth Sense Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Sixth Sense Technology For Paper Presentation

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Forming a connection between the real world and the digital world was the main aim of the sixth sense technology. With help of a sixth sense device the user can easily access data from any machine at real time speed. The data access through recognition of hand gestures is much easier and user friendlier compared to the text user interface or graphical user interface which requires keyboard or mouse.

With the advent of the sixth sense device, requirement of a platform or a screen to analyse and interpret the data has become obsolete. We can project the information into any any surface and can work and manage the data as per our convenience.. The software that is used to interpret and analysis the data collected bythe device is made open source. This enables other developers to contribute to the development of the system. The sixth sense technology finds a lot of application in the modern world.

The sixth sense devices bridge the gap by bringing the digital world into the real world and in that process allowing the users toiu interact with the information without the help of any machine interfaces. Prototypes of the sixth sense device have demonstrated viability, usefulness and flexibility of this new technology. According to the words of its developers the extend of use of this new device is only limited by the imagination of human beings.

Some practical applications of the sixth sense technology is given below. By using the thumb and index fingers movements the user can zoom in, zoom out or pan the selected map. Another application of sixth sense devices is the implementation of a gestural camera. This camera takes the photo of the location user is looking at by detecting the framing gesture. After taking the desired number of photos we can project them onto any surfaces and then use gestures to sort through those photos and organize and resize them.

The user taking making a pose gesture The camera takes the photo of the location. The pictures that are drawn by the user can be stored and replaced on any other surface. The user can also shuffle through various pictures and drawing by using the hand gesture movements. We can make calls with help of sixth sense device. The sixth sense device is used to project the keypad into your palm and the using that virtual keypad we can make calls to anyone.

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The sixth sense technology complete ppt 1. PRESENTED BYNAVEEN KUMAR1DA10EC 2. INTRODUCTION Sixth Sense is a wearable gestural interfacethat augments the physical world around us withdigital information and lets us use natural handgestures to interact with that information. Steve Mann is considered as the father of SixthSense Technology who made wearable computerin .

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free essay: paper presentation on sixth sense technology by makeshop-fz4r9hsp.cfsh kumar makeshop-fz4r9hsp.cfkhar barghav ece ece ece sri krishnadevaraya engineering college.

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Microphone from the camera clips on to the paper now the sound of the paper is now exactly untouching the paper. Then camera tracks the where the fingers are moving; GETS PRODUCT INFORMATION ; The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Sixth Sense Technology" is the property of its rightful owner. Top free sixth sense technology for paper presentation downloads. program based on technology Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation. Censored .

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A paper presentation on sixth sense 1. [email protected] Respeceted sir, We are the students of GOKULA KRISHNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & this is our paper on SIXTH SENSE TECHNOLOGY. Get More Information about Sixth Sense Technology PPT Free Download by visiting this link. Sixth Sense Technology integrates digital information into the physical world and its objects, making the entire world your computer.