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The Old Patagonian Express: an extract from the Paul Theroux travel book


❶But they were dressed for it, office clothes under eskimo coats, gloves, mittens, woolly hats; resignation was on their faces and, already, a suggestion of fatigue.

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Examples of travel writing Let's look in detail at an example of travel writing. In this extract the writer gives his impressions of an area of Montana called the Badlands.

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• This extract is adapted from Better than Fiction, True Travel Tales From Great Fiction Writers, published by Lonely Planet at £ and available on This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase.

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extracts from Bill Bryson books for use with travel writing unit/5(8). Welcome to Travel Writers' Tales, an independent travel article syndicate that offers affordable and professionally written travel articles to newspaper editors and publishers. Over the course of a 52 week term, we will meet your need for travel copy, whether it is one story a week, bi-weekly or monthly.

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a sample of travel writing to read and analyse and give students a flavour, the last slide can be printed for annotations. Good for extracting the main ingredients of travel writing and getting students to reflect on their own travel experiences. Short Short Stories. Posted by Tom | Filed under Travel, Writing. The very short stories in this section were all (unsuccessful) entries to travel writing competitions with a or word limit.